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FinnTurner0 @nick6489 @quinnebert nah, I know, but the cool thing is the whatson file is all you'd…
YourFavLatte San Antonio, TX Lovin you is cool but gettin money is the only thing that's on my mind... | Q | Left$ide | Barb$ | IG - yourfavoritelatte | sc - latteq |
alicefghijkl somewhere between A cool thing is not even having the urge to look at your bf's ex's social media pages. Like at all.
tricky_martin Ok so face swapping is a thing again cool lol Carpe DM
enyesshita rarepair hell @shinkaikanata TAHTS S O FUCKING COOL its not a temp thing is it your local ennyesman | phoebe, 17, she/her, GMT+8 | ENG/中文 OK!! please make me translate stuff for u | just tell me if you need anything tagged aiight
VedettGirl Cape Town, South Africa This concussion thing is weird! Shower this am was like being in a lot of rain sticks. Actually pretty cool! Finding the positives! having fun. PowerBarSA
EnticingHeda ¿#Rogue¿ @ChurlishDefense (Shit. This is it. Be cool. Don't say the wrong thing. Her eyes. Yes.) Your eyes. (Yes! 1 point to Lexa) #The100 #Clexa #CrackQueen #CuddleHeda #IShipAll #DoctorCommander #Lurker #KindOfAHoe Making @WickedFilth and @SadisticHeda's life hell.
countryybabe14 Henagar, Alabama Sad thing is, she was cool in high school. But now she's a bitch.
okahkong KUL, MY The new Facebook like thing is quite cool HAHAHA Light up, Fire up.
theOGalexd texas.losangeles.chicago the thing I miss most about Toronto is how much culture/ethic diversity there is there. shit is so cool. photo/video | IG: @theOGalexd | https://t.co/LsXqn9QepM
___laurieee dirty dyt funniest thing ever is when someone says "I thought you were a bitch from what I heard but you're actually pretty cool" Like I know lmao timothy hoerner has my heart ❤️
NotYourBizniz @Sedulous123 @SFStraightTalk Lol I am loving the fact you think trending is the "thing" that's so cool #AlwaysTrump #NeverTrump
PaulinaFatal Israel @modeldaydreams cool, the only thing wrong is about flowers, it's bad luck to give even amount of flowers. Let me please fix your hair and paint your face, or something bad is going to happen..just kidding..but really, what's with you hair? And yes, it's my real name

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