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peacewest htx TLOP is cool, but it is definitely not a classic album. New web series, who dis? Creator | Writer | Director of the new original web series F*Boy From Hades. #FboyFromHades
DzIsPremium Hit me on my beeper [!] Don't know who this Desiigner cat is but he's cool. Sounding like Future but who doesn't sound like someone else nowadays. #TLOP Trill since '85 Dz™ #LezGitIt
thejeremyliles Raleigh, NC tlop is so cool... lyrics are hahaha but it's so like ugh yaya FML
Jess_Is_Cool_ N|Y took a bath & had TLOP playing while I sipped my tea, life is good come in peace or don't come at all
ASAP_anthony After listening to it for a week, TLOP is like a 7/10. It's cool. The revolution has always been in the hands of the youth. The young always inherit the revolution. #KCMO
ThecaJones Jackson, MS So I listened to TLOP more. Ultra Light Beam is cool. Famous knocks. Still don't see what y'all going crazy over. I produce dope things you watch. #ColtsNation #PacerNation
AyeJayWest da 90s TLOP is cool...I can't say much bad about it..I dunno where I'd place it in his discography but it's def not 1...or 2....or 3 givin you respect I expect da same thing
yourmomaintshit buy my mixtape. Feb 18 2016. A success. I'm a fucking chef. Tlop is amazing. Fuck my ass. Um girls are cool. Expect some lmao. Okay. Nice. Twogoat.twocow.onehorse.iownfarm. :)
itstalentnight Los Angeles, CA #TLOP #TheLifeOfPablo is good. I like it. Not my favorite #kanye album, but it feels like a collection of all his work which is kinda cool Talent Night is a pop/hip-hop duo from Los Angeles, California. We make music that makes pretty girls lose control.
dananapuddin Austin, TX Kanye album is just one big tease. I can barely get into it. All the songs are only 30 seconds long. It's cool that Tidal is free tho #TLOP
ltsJustJordan_ TLOP is cool, for some reason I like Yeezus more. Way more. Aye, what's yo wifi password? GTX/HTX
TrillShitHoe Westeros Adele's album was cool but TLOP is better. pretty and petty with a bit of messy.
MrJayScott In the helping business I'm tellin yall...the "cool" thing to do is diss #tlop The Real Life Marcus Graham....
QweenSchatzi Huit.Zéro.Quatre @Phylli22 ugh. Rihanna lately.. Shit is nice. TLOP is cool. Stuck on this too..
CharlySavage Moreno Valley, California @pinchehacobb @DanzTrillions lol 808's is better album than TLOP. Don't get me wrong it's cool album but not a classic
JonGadaj TLOP is cool but where is Days After Rodeo BT '17 Eat my asparagus
taryel1 Oklahoma City... for now I wish I liked TLOP more. Like, it's is cool, but I wanted to be blown away... oh well, back to Kendrick... Laughs, video games and music. The power of cheese compels me.
WoozyKam Planet A Tlop is ight. Better than Yeezus so im cool with it Suh dude
ChatumTatum apex p cool that the last song on tlop is a Trax 12" I want to get really hi and listen to techno and not give a f... before i get too old. I wanna feel that beat that just takes me away. Something i have always
GreeneTea15 Maryland ✈️ Boston This is so cool. 5 years ago, and this year Chance helped write and produce 5 songs on Kanye's TLOP. Jesus. Baseball. Books. Baltimore. Boston. Oxford comma enthusiast.
ricHhomieJaKe 1996-2016 TLOP is pretty cool TTU '19
rnb0407 Los Angeles I think even @kanyewest knows that #TLOP is just a cool album, and that's where it stops. The beats are cool and there's some funny lines. luck
HarrySouthgate_ Northampton, England TLOP is quite cool but not that rated You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's cold

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