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theshoebart Our Collective Village @orrinknox Trump is cool to the underclasses. Bernie is hipster cool to the socialists. Christian, Conservolibertarianish, Twitter Mediocrity All RTs have some sort of meaning, Tweets a lot. Where's Peter Waldo?
muzzyroth Seattle @ELaw31 cool to see bernie win that one. what worries me is how decisively trump won and the percentage of those voters that actually proud to be daddy of two awesome boys, husband, welder/fabricator and general jack ass.
TitanicQueen Australia @CeeJayCraig @charliekirk11 @TPUSA_ECU @ECUCR @TurningPointUSA Trump is about to make Conservatism COOL...and that's a COOL thing! :D Retired nurse,wife and mother - interested in politics,literature,world events,living in country/rural Queensland.
dollar_trump Houston, TX @OmarC221 @htheta @GoDonaldTrump Mindless zombie youth do whatever SNL & Bill Maher say is cool. Self centered selfie starved youth. So sad Follower of Christ, Ex TV Anchor, Independent Conservative, American Patriot, Vietnam Vet
MrBlack_n_Right Los Angeles, CA @SaveOurCountry1 @mike_winkleman @Junebug1952 @TrumpUntamed Ppl support Trump. Cool. But u r not Conservative.Trump not.He claims he is not We are Soldiers. In the Army. We have to fight! SpecOps Vet. US Constitution Originalist. Conservative. A Fredrick Douglas-Booker T. Washington Republican. So!
booksnshoes Napa, CA @abby_cake i can't believe that there are 10 delegates in new hampshire that though "yup, this guy trump is TOTALLY COOL BRO." Reads books, cries watching children's vitamin commercials.
allysonswim |-/ donald trump is racist scum who wants to attack and endanger innocent people so like,, if you think that's cool go ahead and unfollow me lol peace will win, fear will lose
Chamberwhat Don't you be stalking me! @masterduffus No, it's cool - if you vote for Trump in the Caucuses and Primaries, a Democrat is sure to win the general election! Wait, am I supposed to describe myself here?
Patriotic1s MSNBC Trump wins NH GOP primary: this is so bad for the Country. MSNBC Sanders wins NH Dem primary : hmmm that's cool. #Conservative Just trying to find the American dream the way the forefathers intended #tcot #Bengazi4 #Constitution #ccot #ctot #2A Followed by @SEALofHonor
AryanVenus New York, USA @grlsdemsugar In case you are talking to me; I have nothing against Jews and don't think Trump is a sexist. So yeah, I'm very cool. ƳƠƲ ƇƛƝƝƠƬ MƛƘЄ ƛ ƦЄƔƠԼƲƬƖƠƝ ƜƖƬӇ SƖԼƘ ƓԼƠƔЄS. ﹟ᴛʀᴜᴍᴘ₂₀₁₆ ﹟ᴡʀ
James_McMurray Austin, TX Cool - so we've learned tonight that Boston is Trump country. #whothehellcares Political/social conservative Aggie living in Austin. A bit outnumbered!
Paulsy01 @Paulsy01 at Instagram Trump is cool with the young, the women, the poors, the hoors and the olds Avid golfer I have a $40/day wine habit, pray for me. #Married to Candy Crush queen #TheU #CSU #USAF Notice that my bio is 144 characters?
MisterZebra42 Not sucking Donald Trump: "Unemployment in America is at 42%" People: Yeah okay cool sounds legit This is a description of me.
jmarttogo Wash DC I want an apartment to decorate all cool-like. I want cool clothes that fit. and I don't want Trump to be president. Is that too much to ask When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life’ll be all like ‘what?!’ ~Phil Dunphey https://t.co/1yywMKsGHt
Elsterlino DMV Trump is cool tho ✊🏾 Life on the way to greatness, looking for a few to join me on this journey. Ig & Sc @Stvrll
subhashini227 Sri Lanka This is really cool way of showing how Trump happened Economist specialising in international trade with a passion for wild life photography

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