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Joneezy95 @Dylan_Steve_96 University is cool bc if u relax for 5 seconds then all of a sudden ur failing 11 classes even tho ur only taking 5" 😂😂
namitabhandare New Delhi Pachauri is chancellor of deemed univ, TERI University. HRD is cool with that? Mother, wife, journalist, friend
saydiana_ Milwaukee, WI Democratic debate to be hosted tmrw at my university is cool and all but it's interrupting our parking availability. WHICH SUCKS SO MUCH I sell glasses and go to school. I enjoy tv shows, scrapbooking, exercising, and tea. I love my soulmate
Amylangdonn Halifax, Nova Scotia University is cool, if you relax for 2 seconds then all of a sudden you are failing 11 classes and you are only taking 5 Average individual, not so average height
travelingacorn university is cool because if you relax for 5 seconds all of a sudden you're failing 11 classes even tho you're only taking 5 my narcissism at it's worst.
livethehighland Baton Rouge, Louisiana How cool is this? Would you bring your siblings to an event like this if your school hosted one? #SibWeekend With its great proximity to LSU and SU, Highland is the prime provider of student housing in Baton Rouge. Come check out the excellent services we provide.
OddDellaRobbiaa @SkylarChanceCL @EInferno *snorts* "What Is a 'cool university guy look' anyway?" I'm the sexy Odd Della Robbia. Kadic student. I love food. My dog's name is Kiwii. Spanish/English. #RP Account
katietrupp "University is cool because if you relax for 5 seconds, all sudden you're failing 11 classes but your only taking 5." probably running late to something.

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