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disinfo New York, New York, USA @joerogan All the really cool shit is usually a hoax :-( activism, alternatives, corporation watch, counterculture, current events, freethinking, politics, strange science, the unexplained, war on drugs and terror...
Kpopway123 Omg this update is cool! :o You can watch our old vines and most popular ones! :D I... (Vine by suga.bb♡°˖ ✧◝)
GardenDreamsTod Gel Stain Garage Door Update Now this is some cool ideas ... - #garden #gardens #gardening Have the garden of your dreams! #garden #gardens #gardening
Bear_joo Update: Andre Iguodala is still super cool Can't talk ... coming down - Bill Clinton
TheJokenManiac Update : Lark's Quest Omnibus by Barbara Cool Lee (The Deeds of the Ariane, Books #1-3) eBook ... - #APK #Android
GardenChicToday Gel Stain Garage Door Update Now this ... - #gardens #gardening #garden #landscaping #diy Everything about Beautiful Gardening.
dome_pollakrit Omg this update is cool! :o You can watch our old vines and most popular ones! :D I... (Vine by suga.bb♡°˖ ✧◝) จั๋นน้อยผู้น่ารัก #GOT7THAILAND #JACKSONWANG
valleyshook Baton Rouge, LA @ATVSPoseur UPDATE: Super quad is cool The feed of AndTheValleyShook .com, SBNation's LSU Community.
jocelyne_tapia Omg this update is cool! :o You can watch our old vines and most popular ones! :D I... (Vine by suga.bb♡°˖ ✧◝) BABY ARMY ST⭐️RLIGHT IGOT7 PERFECTION 24U Alien BANA B2UTY VIP BBC BESTFRIEND MELODY CROWN BOICE EXO-L STORIA INSPIRIT Jaywalkerz JOYOUS MYgirl SHAWOL DEEPS ❤️
valdiviacarly santa cruz, bolivia @valdiviacarly update: this kid just told me he knows nothing about the candidates or politics in general but he thinks Trump is cool Okay it's whatever
LivDvdson Central Perk paper update: gpa is going to be a solid 1.3 by the time my teacher grades this crap k cool bye!!!
bramesh2410 India Thats cool..@googlemaps is really improving with every update . Good job team @googlemaps. @HeralddeParis Electric engineer, Enthusiastic cyclist and photographer..love exploring new things and places ..believes in making world a better place to live .. cheers !!
____mot london update: is now a responsive website try it by resizing your browser window it's pretty cool design + sound
jimjjeoreo bap • bangtan • gotvelvet new youtube update is so cool omg they know about our pains when we dont have data remember when we thought jjp was never gonna be back again but got7 happened :-)
dogresidue shadow moses island some stuff that got added in the new undertale update is really cool | Jake | 15 | ♂ | he/him/his | cis | Kojima originally wanted the boss fight to last one to two weeks but was told that this was impossible and not recommended.
the_real_tyler Mountain View, CA My measured reaction to the first OblivAeon update and stretch goal info: WARGARGLBLARG THIS IS SO COOL BE 2017 ALREADY PLZ Professional writer and thing-maker-upper. Unabashed fanboy. Guilty of multiple thought misdemeanors.
wolvesjaw @dexnleet xbox, the new destiny update is cool and we can play doubles heaven is only in my head
personsuits Sydney, New South Wales update: turns out the nerds include the author of world war z and the screenwriter for thirty days of night, which is pretty cool?? kit (kar) / m / 20 / istp. film student. aspiring screenwriter and director. equally aspiring taxidermist. i'm going to beat up quentin tarantino.
iotupdates Your house UPDATE: you it keeps stuff cool and it looks nice. your oven isn't Smeg. your oven is awesome. This is your house. This is your house on the Internet. Any questions? (another Twitter joint by @air_hadoken) #botALLY
lillian_strayer Columbus, OH This ig update is cool asf 😌👏🏽 122615 // DAH❤️

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