Vaping is Cool.

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Cookout_Trey North Carolina, USA New mod broski! The vapecloud9000! Aren't I cool? Vaping is so cool and people envy those who vape. It's a lifestyle Follow to end racism.
marisacollette htx/smtx having guy best friends is cool until they start showing you pictures of girls deep throating a banana and vaping through their vagina I'm always a slut for aliens
TheBennySerra12 @itsnoah_brown @WSHHFANS dude vaping is cool stop making fun of me for it or were going to have a problem. MSU 18
Bronte_loydd Fort Wayne, IN I vape 24hrs a day. Vaping is cool. Hookah 4 days !!! The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of everyday.
Animericans I vape 24hrs a day. Vaping is cool. Hookah 4 days !!! Just your average high school student.
freddierodders bucks Vaping is cool, peace out 'gawd you're so immature'
AStahlman Why do people still think vaping is cool?¿ 18 | Senior @ THS
Zarbznguni Grahamstown/ Ladysmith @tone93x come maaan vaping is cool though 😂 Love. I was called to love.
JordanFleming17 Mississippi/Arkansas Vaping is so cool. Just a has been.
chrissywiese @DaddyJew @izaaktxt I don't get this tweet literally vaping is v cool you have to go through the whales to get to the mermaids
t_voltron the internet #vaping is #dangerous now its even more #cool embrace the struggle | steelers, heat.
MorgannKidd 504•479 "vaping is so cool TBH" 😑😑😑😑
GeeeeMaaan Yes, vaping is very cool lady who couldn't wait one more second so you wouldn't blow all that shit in my face... A comedian who hasn't done comedy in a while cause I suck. Writer - Director - Humanitarian - Thunder Buddy - Loves her mucho @Abberss_
SFVMari somewhere Why tf do people think vaping is cool? R.
NBUnstoppable Melbourne, FL @_SamPerks not cool bro vaping is a healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes and doesn't omit any second hand smoke EFSC Frat Bro Extraordinaire and Vape God Snap me: nb24 #TeamKamil #BurnTheBridges
SunBryMyers Edmonton, Alberta Where smoking is inherently cool because of the slow long-game danger, vaping enthusiasts will love the russian roulette danger. Special Sections Editor for the Edmonton Sun and YEG Man. #YEG

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