Voting is Cool.

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joe_nilo Dallas @WworldTraveler @jasonagastrich @HillaryClinton @BernieSanders @billclinton Young people voting for Bernie is just a mass cool thing News junkie and proud liberal.
bexofficials just found out a very close friend of mine is planning on voting for Trump. okay. that's cool. I thought I raised you better than that tho. singer/songwriter. chocolate milk connoisseur. avid emoji user. intersectional feminist. #blacklivesmatter #translivesmatter #feelthebern
FeleshaLee 618 ✈️ 573 @shutupMiMi conversation. Voting is a personal choice. It's cool to understand the views of people who don't agree w u. #Mizzou17
mikescalise cool cool Hil's basically neck & neck with Drumpf in a 6-day old national poll that 538 grades an A. This is fine: Writer, person with no hormones. Memoir about it, THE BRAND NEW CATASTROPHE, out in a few months from @sarabandebooks.
thotstorch District of Columbia What the ancestors did is cool but voting for president is pointless. It's not in your control vote for local govt. Mayor,city council Used to be Bitchuseendatdm
__chey11 Mermaid Motel Voting is cool so do it. Life imitates art / Art imitates life
trapsoulzjm Slytherin / RIP David Bowie Half the majority of Bernie S. supporters are Teens,which is cool but sad cos when it comes down to the voting half are not even old enough oh look what we have here, you're one of those bloody muggles !! my father will sure hear about this !!
2SpookyMC Delaware | Middle Earth You may think you are too cool for political shit but voting is a right we cannot take for granted !!!! Please if you are of age go vote!!! 17 year old comedy obsessor
Mizzfit_Bianca New York City I mean...IT IS pretty cool. I guess I'm officially now a #Republican voting for a #Democrat.… Top #fitness #fashion #health expert & TV host. I create trends that women across the world embrace, and educate women on leading a #sexy & active #lifestyle.
Ihop_go_hard 10 Mile In the wake of super tuesday, I'd like to let everyone know that voting for a third party canidate is cool too.
nicnac2121_dawn Sunglasses because voting is cool! #@BernieSanders #votingcool
SirKirbDiesel Knoxville Twitter is going to be CNN until the election. People voting for a president because they saw a cool meme. And so forth God fearing, sport loving, hard working son of a gun.
stormpiIot jada • she/her not voting because you don't think it matters is only hurting you/us. not voting because you dont think its cool to is fucking stupid. as kylo's guardian I'm telling you to not come for him unless we send for you//

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