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velevoYT This is pretty cool / weird.
OrganicVenom Weird when I learned that @Scarfulhu isn't in his mid twenties, but actually 3 months younger than myself. This is kinda cool. Just a laid back dude who loves games like Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat X, and Smite. Also a horror movie buff. Hates grammar.
CallMeAmarit British Columbia, Canada Is it weird that i think there should be a fb group for Adnans Supporters Feel like that would be cool way to discuss #AdnanSyed case Feminist. Activist. A Political Junkie Who Might Become The Prime Minister One Day. #TeamAdnan
isabelsmithhh It'd be pretty cool if I could meet myself to see how weird myself would think myself is Professional Eater of Everything
terathiel looks like I have no shifts next week which is Weird but also, what a cool week blasphemer-princess and heir to the blood throne | fake nerd girl extraordinaire | (mal)content creator
skelo_ghost banner by @midrifficent Mint conditioner was a great decision, my scalp feels weird and cool and my hair is great and powerful gay satan gay Satan gay satan
PB_Jayd I always just creep on a persons profile for a hot min and rt everything I think is cool so don't think that's weird less human...more being
tvblonde LA this is a rlly cool and weird song with Reggaeton style drums, dis my last song im posting 4 while gonna b working on projects 4 other ppl BOOKING/MGMT: mgmt@squarewavecollective.com Moments—EP: https://t.co/t2YUoHG7ka
gyngerooni Life is weird but it's cool doubt is an unpleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.
nany_nanymonroy Baja California, México Goodnight✌️i love you so much have sweet dreams😚😘😍being crazy or weird is cool too😜😝😛😁 Música Deportes
Colombian_Otaku Theodosia is such a weird but cool name blocking everyone's view in class since day 1
willy16547 Georgia, USA @ian_snake @realalixxhardin @jessica1215 it's cool I got the emperors new groove game it's weird and toy story is hard and frustrating ugh #team super/team jaz/team humble
Spiratorist Australia Hehe. Sometimes weird is cool too. Its all about how you use it :) I used to watch from the sidelines. Now I just get in there and do it. Nothing annoys them more than rampant success!
kellyannxo *stays up all night thinking about how weird thinking is and how gross and cool brains are* 22 • USA • Cool College Kid
Rocco3_ @Macccker Janet I'm dead ass.. My mama is beyond weird and she stay bitching. Idk how I don't lose my cool more often tbh Dreams are only dreams until you accomplish them so i set the bar high #skysthelimit#GoPokes#FMEFamBam

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