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_Hermanator Jeremiah 29:11 Britt is me in a female's body. Nobody understands me as well as she does or can just vibe with me the way she can. Cool ass chick fr fr. FAMU Football.
alextumay Ξ”TLΞ”NTΞ” @KyorGyoti cool. Well until you change the system voting is the only way you count as a citizen. Engineer & Producer: Young Thug/Metro Boomin/Kanye/Travis Scott/TI/Drake/ Future/Birdman/Gucci/Wayne/Animal Collective/Tinashe/Walk The Moon/Youth Lagoon
_matata_ 🀘🏾🀘🏾🀘🏾 haven't talked to u in a cool minute, i hope everything is going well for you and nothing but great things are going your way !! πŸ™‚ :-)
KingVortexHD Las Vegas NV @susang_ferat well she is a cool cat cx it may just be game but we won that and deserve to be champions, just cuz they called bull on a last //t.co/hZiMkD6SUm - Gamertag: KingVortexHD - Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2006
Partyingw5sos wherever you are @NilesGregory lol well Michael is cool AF so it's a compliment Playing with dogs by day, Partying with Celebs by night
ColPoppersGuild What's below hell? @2gay2lift You think God is dead? Well, he is, and Cool Cat is left holding the Heaven Gun. "I am the savior! I loves the kids!" I love two thing's in this world, my momma, and the freedom this sinking ship of a country provides! Oh! And all of you of course.......
Cook_C09 πŸ˜‡πŸ© You're chill af, and really cool. You watch naruto and draw really well which is awesome. All in all, you're pretty cool 1 Corinthians 3:16 John 14:6
ander3000_ Tucson AZ Is this area well lit? βœ… Is it also fucking lit? βœ… This is a cool area to hang out!
babbygrinch Argentina WELL... Ruler class is cool 24 | INFP | agender | she/they | I'm Ome | @Ooishikuraudo β™₯ | I do know that Ome is emo backwards | Bong Gay Night Fam | icon by @mokibun!
sunshineforce_ Australia @strategistclass rip..... well thank u for the encouraement !!!!! europe is cool i hope ur breakfast is irish themed I'm danny, 16 male from Australia and I love @njordsnios with everything i got.
RockMafia789 @etnaD_olegnaD @VanityFair I know u mostly react to videos, but u reacting to social issue is cool as well love ya 😘 Stand up let 'em know that you shine bright -Selena Gomez
chulixevera543 The cool thine about social media is our so.iety's collapse will be SUPER well documented. Huzzah! El respeto es un valor que no se hereda, se ad.uiere;
_karenchloe Calgary, AB Can't wait for the day you teach MY kids some cool bio... ;) Hope all is well with you "Mr. Mathew" ;) The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is to plant it today.
Ralphh76 @AlexMecalco Well you have the 6+ so the repair cost more than mine. But repairs are like 120+ and s7 is really cool 😎 Starbucks Barista @ Figueroa & Exposition
SakuSaundo Japan, Originally From Ireland Although @RaineReizo_bot may be a little annoying sometimes, he is pretty cool we get on well ^u^ Hi! My name is Saku w I would consider myself pretty cool! I have great music taste and love to sing and cook! Download me; //t.co/1lMw67rN
EyyFrancisco10 bicken back πŸ˜‡πŸ’― ay hope all is well at chico even tho it looks like mostly partying lmao, but yea i remember your laugh in 6th last year, u cool af young metro don't trust you...
drob_29 @_princessivette think you mean I was cool haha jk Hope all is well kiddo Expressing myself 140 characters or less at a time....
xmsshorty Georgia, USA time differences are cool.. red bull at 1am is cool as well. | I stream on Twitch | My brothers stream... https://t.co/4Fn7u4Ecza | Part of Downplay Gaming | GT: its shorty yo | #Greenwall |
RickyRantsTv Yur Mum Well i know who this is too and she ain cool πŸ™„ Freelance Graphic Designer/Videographer Youtuber, US MARINE ! Prez of #SIFNightlife | Student @ VSU Kool KD Sigma of Fall 14 Follow my YT Account @RodRantsTv
MainMandarin Massachusetts @Ibrahim_Ibex Well, the same faces tiled over in a pattern is a cool idea. So long as the face is mine. Toon/Duck/Suplex enthusiast. Talks about slapstick and crops a mean reaction image.
amplifyed_ @LIRIK I think VR has great potential for cool experiences/memories if it is done well enough. No way it will be THAT kind of amazing, tho. hahahahahahah no
Sunnyfrnk @lookoutlove ,,,well shade is cool so yes no thanks
jmbwithcats 41.440018,-81.717939 @HALEY420 I reported them as well. There is only one sweet, adorable you. Have a great night, say hi to your guy for me, he's cool. One World. One Family. Many Cats. Poet, Musician, Adventurer of Time and Space || https://t.co/QrdaTbv8cr

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