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Mrs_Mathers33 Amityville You know what else is cool? Texting back. #ShadyMadeMe #Atmosphere I saw @Eminem live 10-11-14 and @atmosphere 2-27-16
Nataleigh5683 who cares? @chriscantu4real the font is cool af. What else is really different though? The only person that compares to Justin Bieber is probably @perkins_keegan ❤️
TLSPnews What else this lady wants except attention? He already apologised, keeping this going on is not a cool action. buy Everything You've Come To Expect
Jake_Fullerton New York @Moonman_SoK Nah dude, you're just a cool guy to talk with, and really, what else is Twitter about if not talking to some cool people I like Metal Gear Solid, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Mass Effect way too much. Also I'm an aspiring writer Steam ID: Jake The Snake 1281 PSN: Jakethesnake1281
twitchkin icon by @Spider_Ren @Spider_Ren REN I KNOW METAGROSS IS COOL BUT YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS COOL? NOT FAILING CLASS 13 - Female - her/him idc - call me owen/twitch/clever (though owen/twitch is preferred !!) - just a warning, i have anxiety attacks and dissociate alot sorry
MrsSmith167 @mlzcan I think that is something else that is cool - you can use what you learn right away vs. maybe we will never use it? #ctedu 3rd grade teacher in SPS. Kid at Heart. Technology is AWESOME. I Love Learning. These views are mine. Visit our class Twitter acct @MrsSmithsStars
SheaButa @KimKardashian Do what the fuck you feel....if your husband is cool with it then damn everyone else!💯📱 Steve & I met when we were 14years old! he said it was Love At 1st Sight! Guess he was right we have 4 kids & we have been married 26 years!!
rosemcol Croydon This is all cool, but what about who we are aside from that? What else can we/should we sell other than sex? callummmm x
fiddletiddy they/she || jackie i've drawn kara in his cool guy outfit........ his super expensive outfit.......... what else is there besides his hoodie and jumpsuit friends call me salt miser || (contact @ jackieskuhn@gmail.com) || icon by @_TikiPunch || ✧♡@alphaAvarice♡✧
Vallkyr1 Technology is pretty cool You know what else is cool? Sleep. Night 'w')/ Occasionally speedruns || F-Zero, Sonic, Dustforce, Metal Gear || Tweets a lot || https://t.co/gHUF0HNyrC
DaIaiGoat You know what else is cool when your boyfriend likes you lol not that I would know excuse us while we sing to the sky
Auburn_X North Hollywood, Los Angeles 3 away from 1800, which is 200 from 2000. Math is cool, you know what else is cool? Free tunes. Follow that SC! 2016 Show Dates TBA | Bass Music Producer | Guitarist | BAYSIDERS | IG: AUBURN_X | https://t.co/DcRFVMIE24 Booking inquiries: auburnxbass@gmail.com
JLoguidice Wilmington,MA @jagwhar you know what else is cool, smokin dope Client Services Accounts Specialist for Genworth Financial. Avid Patriots fan, the quest for 5 continues!!
RussiaBenzMafia Russia @nikkibenz and cool cars ! What else is needed? Russian FanClub Nikki Benz
SteveBuerkle Philadelphia, PA I assume this is true. Very cool from an intellectual point of view but scary. We don't know what else is out there. Eight startups including RealNetworks and Axxis Software. Futurist author. Focused on VR/AR, IoT, UAV, mobile. Pilot/flying, music, intellectual anarchy.
MuseFansUSA U.S.A. Here's the link to it, also check out what else is gonna be available for RSD! There's some pretty cool stuff 😎 Muse Fanclub for Muse and Musers in the United States. Run by J, K, and R.

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