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VocklabruckA484 Nelson Great work @MikeWesleySmith on tonight's @TheStoryNZ What a cool happy awesome kid Ben is #LGBT #fuckfamilyfirst Ngati Apa/Austrian blood.Born Wellington. ExArmy. Love family & @NZWarriors @WgtnPhoenixFC @wgtnfirebirds @saintswgtn @Hurricanesrugby @WGTN_LIONS @PulseNetball
Panzer_Dave South Africa @DonGerard @realDonaldTrump @BernieSanders not cool. also what the whole country will look like when trump is the president. condolences.
zoestriickland Vegas talk about my feelings or distance myself? cool, distance myself it is. what a surprise be noticed.
teameeeee_ "Where is that" "Sembawang library" "So nice" "Ikr damn cool" "Yea.. But *sigh*" "What why" "Lol nothing lmao" 😑😑 are you legit bunnyfox
PerversiSerena #fashion#style#cool Op-Ed | Fashion Designers Deserve The Same Protection as Other Creatives: ... #news#show#city Attending a master in Fashion Communication at MFI (Bocconi, Cattolica, Politecnico) in Milano, ready to start an internship in September.
TRlLLNlALL #ThuggerHive I don't understand why nigga think running a parody account is cool. Like what do you do with your life outside this Emotionally Unavailable | #ProHoe so I can cheat on my bitch
TMET25 Los Angeles What?! This is so cool. #themiddle in #thenewyorker Troy Metcalf is an Actor residing in Los Angeles CA. This Missouri boy can be seen on ABC's THE MIDDLE and on Comedy Central's STRANGERS WITH CANDY and more.
MarleneMacias20 Austin, TX This is a super cool new website that helps you learn the muscles and what exercises work them out!! If you're a potential employer then I'm not the Marlene Macias you're looking for.....
MR_Spring10 Allentown , Pennsylvania , USA Idk who Alice with tattoos is but that's not cool at all and just do it yourself that's what I did Jesus Christ comes first ✝☦ SYRIAN and very blessed to be ..Tampa bay Buccaneers and Sacramento Kings fan #bashar and #saa .. SC and IG @Mr_Spring10 #jesusisGod
Dejj_J Sandusky, OH The "what you missed" box is pretty cool. Be happy. ☺️
ItsCiCiNichole Massillon, OH @jkitttty what would be cool is like a dispensary/smoke spot with all types of munchies. Burgers, waffles, ice cream etc. Dream come true 6ix goddess #Bernie2016 IG: richhomiecams @Alecstevens16
Internet_Empire New Orleans, LA Actually I dont care what you think I am doing it anyways. My music is for me. You can like it if you want though, that's cool.. インターネット 生活のための
zafiraaxila So based on what i observe is yr friends are just a bunch of losers, trying their hard to be "cool", to fit in with the cool "kids". Mohd Norfirdaus's
LordYukYuk Markham, Ontario @Reince Cool! What else is different on Earth 2? Does your Hillary have a goatee? #DemTownHall #Election2016 Huge nerd. You can usually find me hanging out on the left side of the aisle.
MitchSoRare But you drawled worse but its cool tho we all know what it is 🤗 MoneyMakinMitch ♌
piquant_prose New Delhi This is a seriously cool office. I write, fairly well. I also bite, but consensually. I believe: in leprechauns & unicorns; in serendipity & that the cat in the box was alive. Caveat emptor.

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