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jbenny_95 Los Angeles, CA Woah, the #S7 has a pretty cool camera. Still the same as the S6 but the camera is worth it ... no I haven't seen the Godfather yet
tinyfleu Sydney Woah this is cool, @oz_f Kanye article gets a shout out from Lainey The revolution will be trending. writer + editor of the vocal - pitch me: sheree.joseph@fairfaxmedia.com.au
TheWreaker Dipolog City, Philippines @SeriousStrange woah this is cool. #takemymoney ○Sir Ric of the Baul Havens○ Seventh-day Adventist ☆ Internet addict ☆ Bibliophile ☆ Coffee lover ☆ Frustrated Author/Poet ☆ Übermensch ☆
daayraain @annaaatrannn woah your header is so cool Macbradboy ~ sc:daarinabaad
runtoyouuu WOAH THIS IS COOL, IM YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND 👯 a negative mind will never give you a positive life
curlypubesljp was@aesthetjctrades 500+Proofs @tradedms5 @dorkhaIe woah what kind of twitter is this? this looks cool Liam, I wanna strangle myself with your pubes | Trade users @soloistzjmstan
enmity4bura @goattective woah that texture is wicked cool wtf it's like almost glitchy looking??? big bad boss oxi's salve
littlemixthighs woah this is actually really cool i love detailed tattoos 😍 im dead inside
torontobelieve Toronto, Ontario @justinsmarais WOAH THIS IS SO COOL I was the pen. He was the highlighter. I drew the world. And he made it brighter. | #Slayliebers
possumskull she/her woah, I mean i really loved Teenage Witch, but Life Arcade is more polished I guess, that's cool. linguist + programmer, trans woman, fashion icon, power lifter, one-time ZBB Best Conlang Award winner
floralhs_ justin follows Woah this is so cool ot5 will rise this is not the end.✌ #blacklivesmatter
MegaMoeka Woah this is so cool! Check it out! Definitely can't wait to upgrade and mess around in CSP w/ animating small stuff Professional voice actress and moe blob. ★ Kawaii~Chan's VA ★ Booking or business contact: megamoeka+inquiry@gmail(dot)com
CuukieCake Arlington, TX Woah, who's that cool looking stud next to that @FenrirSabre chump!? Hint: is me A Dallas hare. Your probably going to find either puns or optimism
pennxlowe PA wanna be in CA @troyeing2becool Woah omg this is so cool I know what you're feeling cause I feel it as well
caitlindavey Toronto, Ontario @heatherpayne @hackeryou @melissaep WOAH this is really cool! Web developer at Kids' CBC. My time is largely spent indoors.
_MarthaMay London, UK @MiamiSelfie woah this is cool Gallerina tweeting about Contemporary Art and London life. Contact: infomarthamay@gmail.com
LukeysElf @Hulmenator woah your icon picture is cool m8 someone really amazing must have taken it forming a new girl band with stevie nicks and beyoncé
Kuroi_Schwarz far far away galaxy woah, The Descendants of the Sun is really cool drama million hearts for Song Joonki #슈퍼주니어 #東方神起 #VIXX #7TEEN #Sherlock #Merlin 紗由です.心が痛い ~ need to stop swearing, oh shit. cover-singer, writer ~~~
RobertTheClone Hobbiton Woah, this game is REALLY COOL D: I love this event <3 #Farmerama @farmerama Hey, I'm Robert aka Trocaddero! *-* Twitter Translator. Big fan of Fantasy Books (#HarryPotter & #Eragon). I love animals/birds. I'm a little bookmouse!
CadburyCadet Gravity Falls, Oregon @BecksterCorgiMT WOAH! Cool! I love iguanas! Is this in your backyard? Alex Hirsch has made me fall inlove with a yellow geometric shape in 30 secs. That really says alot about a person, not sure if it's me or him! @CaddyCoves.
WOAH__ItsJazz @AmericanIdol @laurasykora17 I guess Tristan is too cool for yoga punk rock with a mouth full of metal. cuz i have braces... get it? no.... well alrighty then.

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