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chocolatyaa seiyuu hell @hakanaiai yeah but it didnt work. she posted a pic of her selfie with him on september, saying GD is a gentle, interesting and cool man etc Read, Watch, Listen, Eat, Sleep | Sport Anime | INA-ENG | Seiyuu Trash | SHINee | retweeter | Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk] | Mom of anime sons
AeneasLopez New York, New York The new deck recipe feature in Hearthstone is amazing. It's a cool way to introduce deck archetypes, but the replacement reco's need work. Lead Developer of Fez 2 | Wood -XI Support/Jungle | Shoutcaster | Essayist & Writer | Guitarist | Iberian Wolf | CC Sophomore | Race and Ethnicity major.
_allcdngirl Canada Crying at work life is cool. Wbu Carrie Underwood, Lauren Graham, Gilmore Girls. Dark&Twisty. Not everybody has to be happy all the time. That's not mental health, that's crap.
AstroValerie West Virginia @TanukiChau Blackmail is real cool and fun apparently. I guess that didn't work out the way they wanted since we're tweeting about it. Space enthusiast, student, aspiring rocketeer.
bombsfall Pittsburgh, PA Hi everyone. Alec is still in town and we had a fantastic day of work here and got some more big cool stuff done :) I'm really proud of it. Scott Benson is an Animator/ Illustrator/ Game Developer. See also @L8NightWorkClub and @NightInTheWoods. High fives until death takes us.
recrdx Calgary, AB This is a challenge, for all the suit-driven businesses. But that's cool, come work with us. Situationally Humorless | Hurricane Puncher | Transforming Energy @imagineaenergy #startup | I'm up to something. Best keep that in mind.
DowlessJd This time shit is fucking ridicules it's dam 1 already getting off work at 12 shit ain't cool
Thanks_Jefe El BaΓ±o All a brotha wanna do is work out, and buy cool shit.
Randa_Ree23 Cool. 2nd night of falling asleep late because the 4 year olds tv volume is super fucking loud πŸ˜’ Wouldn't be so bad if work wasn't a thing. Never miss a chance to make a memory ✨
CorporateCoon Utopia @tatiana_noel lmao its international work so the travel is cool just chillen...
princesssskiana Uvalde, TX a job is a job. if ur judging, ur wrong. i spend a lot of time at work. i mean, it's cool. but tbh, i just love making money. you know? πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ 19 // aquarius // Sith Lord // mindfulness // college // just me & my happy soul // militant pacifist // tad bit of a geek // sc-vivalakiana
Shepdog2101982 Downers Grove This Apple Pencil is very cool to work with. πŸ‘πŸ½ Father, Husband, Runner, Cyclist, Snowboarder, Skateboarder, Golfer, Surfer, Swimmer...i am a lot of things
jaaaay_cool People want to play like Curry but don't want to work like Curry did to become who he is now No explanation needed. Just Follow. #Knicks. #Ravens #NoLimitGxng
GabeGalvan1 Santa Clarita This is what my work does, it's cool. 7.1 Stroker Duramax. S400/S300 turbo set up. IG : @professional.idiots
SirSagey BSU College is a lot of work but it has helped me to grow up, work on myself, meet cool ass ppl, and have fun along the way. real recognize real.
mac_webb Indiana Everyday I work on my dad bod a little more. Is dad bod still a thing? Or is that a 2015 thing? Don't tell me abs are cool again.
WendyTWDfreak East Point, GA @CarrionTrilevel @PamMcElravy @mcbridemelissa that one is sooo cool! You should tag me whenever you do a new one because I love your work~ I have a smart @$$ hubby @frankrosado623 We're #TWD FANATICS! We're infected! #TWDfamily #TWD #FTWD #PennyDreadful #Power #Lucifer #MaineSquad #ReedusWarriors
MechaMaid Malaysia @Kenyu05 this is so cool!! *w* amazing work! Manga, video game & doodle addict, foreign language enthusiast.
nickgeller Work is cool sometimes The Living Dead (Inside) // @syntheticsun
MarlaLynch SoCal @bshepherdtweets I don't know what your price range is or what kind of work you want to do, but there are some cool neighborhoods. Just muddling through... :-/
tn_PersFinance San Francisco @mdaly_margaret cool! your tweet is hot on #theneeds #PersonalFinance! RT to get more votes Your #Money, the latest about #PersonalFinance, #Retirement, and more all in one place. //t.co/Z96joA6Gdb!

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