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YourAvonBoy @HarleyQuinn122 Yeah it does. It's cool that Will Smith is in it. I like im. EVERYONE is in it, really. Should be a great flick. Online Shopping Gives You A Reason To Live For Another 3-5 Business Days. I Sell Makeup, Skincare, Bath & Body Supplies, Fragrance, Jewelry & More!
httpbrokenhome outer space @suprakatja yeah I get that. As long as a dog is sweet then it's cool in my book calum hood is a beautiful bean :malumsquad2k15:
jonsterling Portland, OR @gianp @ezyang ah, cool… Yeah, it is a shame that SML is not backed by anyone with enough muscle to make infrastructure happen. Type theorist, Brouwerian intuitionist, reluctant programmer, amateur philologist. Cohost of @typetheorypcast. Long Live the Anti-Realist Struggle!
cordialeric Twin Cities Minnesota "Is it cool to fuck a robot?" "Yeah man, if Rick & Morty had taught me anything." serial winker. #hatgablins daddy.
SameerIrfan2 Katy, Texas @farazziraz is I think it's just a social convention to think "oh yeah art is cool" when in reality its really not that impacting. The small Featured on the Houston global snapchat on July 29th, 2015.
FatumaHussienn Insanity is a gift ✌️ @kronnggg yeah the content is okay but the exams are really hard it's the hardest subject in the country 😭 but that's so cool I want Perfection Exists Yixing is living proof #ExoProtectionSquad
liamhemswife And I end up getting messed up so yeah no makeup is cool with me! 😂😂😂
BayoHilda Washington, USA @DestroyedArkana Yeah she is so cool and tough. I actually like her a bit more than Jotaro. 23/F Hi there I'm just a fun loving girl ready to talk up anyone! My hobbies include Anime, Video games, and some Toku. Also I'm not a mom, but very much a dom
mizuumi_ so yeah itd kinda be cool if things were a little more balanced there lmao. melee is fine against regular enemies miz | she/they | will eat trash and live in trash if left to own devices
Blackknight1239 Calgary, Alberta @britl @Jacezilla @adamjury Yeah, the DLC also came with a winter coat that looks super cozy. The Qunari stuff is super cool tho I always want more pizza. | He/His
dantelaw22 @AgentSpiderMan Cool. Very nice. Yeah, I like The Flash more than Arrow. No offense, Arrow is a good show Age 22 Still the good guy at heart Stay Positive :) #SaluteSquad #TeamCap
JeremyLawrencee @GTFan712 yeah this is a cool version. #TLOP February 11 16 (best album of all time) (album of the life)
lexaluthor @thomaswaynes yeah I saw that a while back I was like omg lmao Like idk.if it's intentional I doubt it but the parallel is cool nonetheless when i'm not weeping or trying to kill superman people think i'm having a great day.
jytkoul @cool_sah @RanaAyyub @ANI_news Oh yeah he has split personality and don't forget Holocaust is a myth.. Nation first and rest secondary...
lionstwitsp America @gr8b8 @SpuhBruh @thecowbuster Boeing is awesome. But yeah, The Science Fiction museum is attached to the EMP and that's really cool. Lions, Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, Spartans, and I've learned to love all my local Seattle teams.
frootpunchdrunk @georgriagria yeah!!! rewrite is my fav too! & the animation for that opening was so cool too. fma is just rly good in general :D hi im luu (they/them); concerned jaden, 90% YGO + some hxh + assclass + jjba + draws
KngDmSound Charlotte, NC Hey I just made this artwork, is it cool? HELLS NAH OR HELLS YEAH? producer // @emoryjohnson ❤️
OGHooligan Colorado Springs, CO Do I know what I'm doing in life? No. Do I have a plan? Nah not really Am I high? Yeah. So is it cool? For now. yeet
AbrahamWashin10 @kinkycomicgirl Yeah, though it has some cool references to the original series. And the last Airbender season is the best anyway
yah_noob @Lindsee_13 I bet!! And lmao yeah I'm pretty sure I will 😂😂 my manager is cool with my schedule too so it's so great!!! Kevin Brandon Quintanilla
Kusuri_Bot_ Yeah, sure, my makeup is cool. I only woke up at 4AM to do it.
ChampagneJavier Seoul, Republic of Korea @mycjimin Yeah. Jimin oppa is Cool and talented! :D Fangirl. Multi Fandom. Otaku :)

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