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MyTechGadgets1 New York, USA This is cool because I think the design is simple. ... - #gadgets #technology #technews
ashak21 @jalalsuleiman really you think so? That actually is so cool you think that
iwannabsexay Vegas Not sure what this feeling is.. Like.. When you aren't around I think it'd be cool if you were there..? I'm not saying I miss you tho. doin' big things
TheresaLozach Berkeley, CA This is cool! What do you think? An educational consultant dedicated to linking families with Bay Area schools that best match their child's needs and their family's values.
Imdeonte0 @C_sesma7 lol actual handle you didnt knock out Cole my dude like idk why u think fighting is cool like wtf I handled I wasn't talkn shit I like to skateboard. Trap Lord. Trust me things only get better from here. i can see the fakes so when i look in your dierction understand im seeing right thru
LucyKen84351812 Full skirt to Step in the Thing That You Think Is Cool for Outbacks...Nhs
ZayHeron I think this is pretty cool, @teammuriel/mayor_bowser. I also recommend that you extend street… Official Account of Novelist Zay Heron. DC Boy & Sports Fan. CUC/WAU Alum. Afro-Latino. Drummer. Writer of Speculative Fiction. (RTs are not endorsements)
TylerMahanata @ECHOisthename I'm from MN and never knew about this song. hahaha I can tell you don't like it but I think the piano is pretty cool ! Mesabi Range Norseman #13
Frances_Eichler When you are washing in a tub, Think of me at every rub, When the water is too hot, Cool it and, "forget-me-not"
Jaeger1985 County, City, and State of NY This is exactly what voting for a liberal is like. You think it's cool, but then... #W... (Vine by @YoungCons) Traditional #Catholic, #tcot/#tgdn, @NYRangers @Yankees @Giants @NYCFC and @nyknicks fan. #CCNY student. #RapSucks. #AltRight. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016
NuclearButt Pronouns: Any @MallowyGoodness i think you're cool the real question tho is: am i cool? CW: Often depressed Wannabe writer, Some sort of video gam gay/Iris/agender Call Me Iris, Hel, Axel, or Claire! Fairy/Dragon type
tha_real_sk Millville, NJ I think it's cool AF when the person you're with posts pictures of you or y'all together, someone that's proud to have you is nice. Chase ya dreams! / Instagram:@tha_real_sk / Snapchat: da_realsk / Followed by @NeyoCompound @JakeMiller @LilKim @MaybachMusicGrp @Jasminevillegas @KimberlyCole1

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