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niarawks_ Phenix City, AL 💋👑 - Your avi is gorgeous.😍 I've never seen you on campus though lol. You look really cool. 😊 #MyASU // IG & Snap: NiaRawks
CollinsDesiree1 the vale 💖🚮// your avi is really cool wow; and ily bestie :)) you're freaking gorgeous & your snapchats kill me omg 😂 track | cheer | soccer | 7/19/09 | basically a makeup artist :)
ashleeybrii pineville @BrianOnCloud9 hey your avi is cool you deserve good things • insta: ashleybriannna • sc: itsashleybree
Sco_daddy23 Des Moines, IA 🍇😈 your Avi is swag #nerds but we ft so much then. We randomly stop its cool talking too text me sometimes b #RipMommaBurton| you should follow me mate| The leader of Team Ugly Boyz| I am the NerdyKnight
ShadesOfMonica 😛🤘🏼idk you but you seem cool Af and I love your retweets and ya avi is🔥🔥🔥
KTXZB texas 🙃🙃🙃: your avi is cool as hell lol. angelo state university '19
ryliedlaw10 trin is my bff♡ 🎀✨- your avi is really pretty! 😛 we've never talked before but you seem cool 😊 | Soccer | LHS | class of '16 | Proud to be mexican |
HoneyyJ_ Where life is smooth as cotton 🔮🚬: that baby in your AVI is adorable 😍, but you seem cool from your tweets , look tall , and can play football good from the looks of it Rest In Paradise Kenton Jamall ✨
KatlynDailey @KDatema your avi is pretty cool 😜 ❀ ✿ ❀
AlexNaderWrites East Tennessee @GreyDevil13 on a completely unrelated note, your avi is cool. I've clicked on it like three different times since I first saw it. Trying to write stories to make people say 'whoa'. #BrownKeys and #WastedWords for life. Bio stolen from @reckoner67
NKWarraich Earth @Shahzeen789 ☺ your avi is cool Construction Engineer, Pakistani by heart..Cricket Pakistan for Life.. دیا جلائے رکھنا ہے
AmaanSaide The Lab @AmaanSaide A guy who is cool and super funny and took the piss outta my money! And I like your AVI! 👀😂😂 cool guy NEVER ask a brother for a hand out. I will FIND away
lexidiane13 w bre prob 🔮✨ - your avi is so cute 😭 and we don't talk a lot but that should change you seem hella cool 🤘🏻🤑 psychotic and goofy
Me_TRS @I_nyctophile Your avi is cool.
OdracirZelaznog Someplace, Somewhere @SHEYBLERNATION your avi is cool btw *Insert interesting facts about me here*
gracemoconnor @imhaden your avi is unbelievably cool can I be you uh suh dude haha
Brooke_McCabe University of Central Florida Hey @alexiscooper907 your avi is pretty cool
edawwwgg @meghanschh k your avi is cool and perf 😍😭 JMU '19 Fake it til' you make it. K thanks K bye , thanks for playin

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