Your wife is Cool.

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nicolajoydee @kanyewest your wife is cool about you "singing" about having sex with another woman? Unlikely, unless you have destroyed her self esteem
Jr96305995 @GrimsToyShow dear g man I love your wife she is hot and cute and very cool you are the best you are 1 kick mj apple balls ass eat it ya
NotSoCamacho So your wife is cool with you wanting to fuck Taylor Swift ? Yo , @KimKardashian , you really are an idiot 😂
dokte_ke @kanyewest really?!?? Hmmm I wonder y a lot of fights breakout when it's used in the hip hop circle better yet the bitch your wife is cool
IamMSkye Texas "What is this, elementary school? Is your wife telling you to stay away from the cool kid on the playground?" Words mean a lot, make yours count...
zacfotheringham Coventry @JuggySidhuPT @OutfitFashionUK disgraceful is an understatement. How your wife kept her cool I don't know 😡 Y3T master trainer, sponsered BSN @BSNsupps_UK & mas body-devolopment @MasBodyDev & YOLO @yolofoodcompany athlete. UKBFF MENS 1xWINNER 2xBRITISH FINALIST
emythefangirl Blue Neighbourhood Your wife is cool with a lot of things, honey. That's why there's a sex tape. part time internet hobo / youtube trash / fangirl / socially awkward college student
QueeN_Kuttz Denver, CO (Strangeland) @kanyewest your wife is also cool with sucking off every black dude who wants to give her nice jewelry and pretty clothes My daughters are my life.... Music makes me happy. Marijuana is wonderful.
Hammy_73 Khakalak @kanyewest Your wife is cool with sucking dick on the Internet so let that shit marinate. Father. Marine. Reformed hooligan. College graduate. #Duke #UGA fan(atic).
_KirkoBangzzMe London, England @kanyewest your wife is a whore mate. She's not @taylorswift13 . Even if she said its cool Taylor isn't. Your wife is not every woman💩 I LOVE @kirkobangz || LMG TAKEOVER || HTINE || PLAYAMADE EP || INSTAGRAM: https://t.co/wANY4j4soU || SC: kirkobangzme
JackWBryant Ithaca, NY If your wife is cool with you calling another woman a bitch, then that bitch better be cool with it too. #FACTS Screenwriter, Film Professor and Producer, Occasional Huffington Post Blogger, Writer of @FairHavenFilm
Mr_Cool_Kat @kanyewest So you call your Mom a bitch, and your wife????...it is these sheep who follow you are to blame, when you give a lowlife a voice. Studying M.A. Honours in Psychology at University of Glasgow
ShawnJacob32 The Suburbs of Dallas "@kanyewest: 2nd thing I asked my wife for her blessings and she was cool with it" But your wife is a grade A fool. Enjoy my hot takes (sorry, I ran out of hot cakes).
allaboutimport Mississauga Ontario There is just no way to look cool while carrying your wife's purse. Owner of one of Mississauga's best auto repair shops (IMHO). Globe and Mail #LousGarage Stephensgarage.ca Guitar Nerd
its1989now WHEREVER OOTW IS PLAYING @kanyewest do you call north bitch and your wife's okay with it too? Oh wow your family is sooooo cool QOW My life is a trash but at least Taylor waved at me twice when I was blowing her kisses #REDTourJKT #1989TourSingapore
honeytootoo @kanyewest your wife is cool with everything.
alyvsa Virginia If your wife was cool with it, that's on her, but this is just a blatant lie. Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing IG: alyvsa1 GMU Alum, MSW Student
LBurke213 So your wife is cool with dissing Taylor and other women and so that makes it okay...perfect
vickymonn Langley Falls/Banshee When your wife is cool with being called a bitch. Marriage goals I don't like onions . 75% Fictional

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